Greg speaks in supporting UK Industries Debate

Greg has taken part in a debate in the House of Commons that came about due to a number of petitions around additional support for various sectors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Greg is extremely proud of the unprecedented level of support for jobs, livelihoods and businesses the government has provided. A package worth more than £330 billion. But it is clear that there remain some sectors in need of some specific extra support.

The debate was very oversubscribed, so a time limit of three minutes was placed on backbench contributions, making it impossible to cover all the ground Greg wanted to highlight. But he was pleased to be able to call on the government, as they plan measures for our economic recovery, to look at the arts, aviation and our coach businesses for additional support.

Had Greg been able to speak for longer, he would have also included an ask, as he has previously made  in the House of Commons, for small limited company directors who principally pay themselves through dividends to receive support akin to the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme and for other companies supporting the events sector, such as hire companies, to be eligible for grants.

The most important thing of all now, as the economy is cautiously re-opened, is to support all local, and more widely UK Businesses, to be assured of a prosperous future post Covid-19.