Greg calls for rapid scaling of Covid-19 testing for Bucks

The scaling of the Covid-19 testing system in the UK, to one of the largest in the world has been remarkable.

Over the Summer, Greg has heard many accounts from local residents of the ability to get a test the same day as asking, with many reporting results within 12 hours. Indeed, this was Greg's own experience in July when taking his three year old for a test: after he developed a temperature around 2pm, Greg got him to a test centre in Milton Keynes at 6.30pm and his (thankfully negative) test was back by 6am the next morning.

That said, in recent days Greg has been contacted by a number of people in the constituency reporting an inability to get a timely test at all, or asked to travel unacceptable distances to a test centre (including Leicester and Manchester). Greg put this to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock in the House of Commons following a statement on Covid-19 on Tuesday 8th September 2020 - and was pleased to hear him commit to further ramping up of testing capacity, including new, quicker methods using developing technology, to ensure all Buckinghamshire residents have quick access to Covid-19 testing.