Greg Smith takes case against HS2 and Expressway to Transport Secretary

Greg Smith’s top priority is fighting the environmentally destructive, costly and unnecessary projects threatening Buckinghamshire: HS2 and the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

Greg has taken the case to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, where during a recent meeting he set out his absolute opposition to HS2 and the Expressway.  He explained how both projects will devastate our countryside for no benefit, as well as continuing to blight local peoples lives.

In particular Greg called on Grant Shapps to fully consider options being drawn up by Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council to improve existing east/west roads through the county rather than cut through our countryside and villages with a brand new road.

On HS2, the Transport Secretary confirmed the Government is absolutely committed to ensuring the Oakervee Review is given enough time to properly review and assess the project, which Greg sincerely hopes will conclude should be scrapped.  Greg raised the outrage of the “enabling works” for HS2 in locations such as Steeple Claydon taking place over recent days destroying 500 acres of vegetation.

Commenting after the meeting Greg said: “The Transport Secretary listened carefully and fully understood the issues I raised around HS2 and the Expressway.  I am fundamentally against both these projects and will continue to push the government to put an end to the misery and destruction HS2 and the Expressway is already bringing to Buckinghamshire and if they go ahead would only get worse.  On HS2 we clearly need the Oakervee Review to come to a conclusion before any decisions can be made.  On the Expressway it is important government properly considers other options to improve existing roads instead, which I am delighted Grant confirmed will be fully listened to and assessed.”

The meeting also included a brief discussion on East West Rail phase 2, which Greg supports in principle, not least as it can be delivered using old, mothballed sections of track rather than cutting new corridors through Buckinghamshire.  East West Rail was confirmed by the Transport Secretary recently as part of the largest rail modernisation programme in the UK since the Victorian times, seeing a record £48 billion being spent across the UK.