Greg presses government for full financial support for Buckinghamshire Council

On 28th April 2020, Greg took part in the proceedings of the House of Commons virtually for the first time, asking a question in the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government Question Time.

Greg warmly welcomed the package of financial support to local government delivered by the government so far, as well as thanking and paying tribute to all council workers at Buckinghamshire Council for their hard work in response to COVID-19.

The Buckingham MP went on to press the Minister to ensure Buckinghamshire Council is fully financially compensated for all costs incurred during the national emergency, including loss of commercial income and an inability to fully realise budgeted savings relating to the combining of the previous five councils into the new unitary whilst responding to coronavirus.

The government have promised further money and Greg will continue to press for full financial support for our local council here in Bucks.