Buckingham MP supports action to curb pavement parking

Greg Smith MP met people with sight loss who struggle with the problems caused by pavement parking at an event in Parliament hosted by the charity Guide Dogs.

New research by Guide Dogs demonstrated the broad range of people affected by problem pavement parking. Nine out of ten people with disabilities, including those with sight loss, wheelchair and mobility scooter users said they had encountered problems with pavement parking, with parents or carers with children also affected. 

The research shows how people with sight loss are particularly affected by pavement parking, with nearly all those surveyed saying they have been forced to walk in the road - potentially into traffic they cannot see - to get around a car parked on the pavement.

Lord Low of Dalston is sponsoring a new law to tackle pavement parking by making pavement parking an offence, except on streets where local councils agree that it is safe for pedestrians. This is already the case in London, and Scotland recently introduced a similar law, but elsewhere across the country, councils struggle to tackle unsafe pavement parking.

Greg Smith MP supports the campaign to ensure everybody can walk safely and independently on our streets.

Greg commented: "Pavement parking is a menace for so many people, not least those with sight loss.  It is vital we take action and ensure everyone is safe to walk on the pavement."

Helen Honstvet, Senior Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager at Guide Dogs, commented: “A car blocking a pavement may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but for many people it stops them from going about their daily lives safely. 

“The law in London allows local councils to take action against unsafe pavement parking. The law in Scotland has also recently been changed. We’re grateful to Lord Low for his important bill, so no matter where you are in the country you can be confident that you can get out and about safely.”