Additional £31.9 million for Thames Valley shows Conservative’s commitment to keeping our streets safe 

Greg Smith MP has welcomed news that Thames Valley will receive an extra £31.9 million to tackle crime and keep our streets safe – an increase of 7.5 per cent from last year.

The Conservatives have announced an increase of up to £1.1 billion for police forces throughout England and Wales, to ensure our police can focus on keeping communities safe. 

It comes on top of the Conservatives’ plan to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers, along with ensuring they have more powers and better kit. Thames Valley Police are already set to receive an additional 183 officers this year, with more to come in the future. 

As a result, overall police funding is set to increase by the biggest amount in a decade. This will see more money available to recruit, train and equip police officers, as well as spending on national priorities like tackling serious and organised crime, and our counter-terrorism capabilities.

Greg Smith MP has urged Labour MPs to vote in favour of this much-needed funding settlement when it comes before Parliament. The Labour Party voted against a similar settlement for the police last year, which would have denied forces an additional £970 million. 

Commenting, Greg said: “I am delighted that police funding in Thames Valley could increase by up to £31.9 million next year.  

“We made a commitment to people at the election that we would crack down on crime and back our brave police to get on with the job, and we are wasting no time in delivering on that promise now.

“The Conservative Party will always ensure that the police have the powers and resources needed to keep our citizens and communities safe.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “This Government is delivering on the people’s priorities by giving policing the biggest funding increase in a decade.  

“It will mean more officers tackling the crime blighting our streets, so people can feel safe in their communities. 

“The police must now make full use of this significant investment to deliver for the public.”