Supporting our farmers

Championing British agriculture is close to Greg's heart. His wife's family are farmers and he helps out, when he can, especially at harvest time.  

It is vital that farmers are listened to and properly supported post-Brexit so that they can continue managing our countryside and putting food on our tables.

So many of our small and medium sized farms are reliant on subsidies and it is important to give all farmers the certainty that financial support will continue to be available after we have left the European Union.

Greg also wants to ensure Thames Valley Police get their fair share of the 20,000 extra police officers being promised by the Conservatives, so that we can crack down on rural crime.  Thefts from farms is on the up and our farmers can ill afford the cost or loss of time taken up by losing their vital agricultural equipment to thieves.  Likewise the menace of fly-tipping costs our farmers enormous sums of money each year to clear away the dumped waste.